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How to choose stylish eyeglasses?

It is difficult to imagine that a few centuries ago, glasses were not considered fashionable to complement the image.
Only recently after a series of structural changes, they are embodied in the present form as we know today.

How to choose eyeglasses: which form is right for you?

Significant role in glasses promotion played public people - movie stars, TV presenters, artists, singers. They cleverly used the glasses as part of the image. Since then, all the rest world looked at them differently.

Eyeglasses from Stanton Optical are easy to choose and they will complement your look. Now we have the opportunity to choose sunglasses for any taste, due to their huge amount and variety. Thanks to the glasses we are able to enjoy the outside world, the fullness of its colors, and at the same time - and this is important - look stylish and fashionable.

The one who first enters the interior of optics, can get confused - what a variety of frames (our parents could not dream this abundance). Also opticians offer a colorful lenses for the eyes, but they do not fit to all.

Telling the truth, to choose glasses is quite hard, as well as to pick up clothes for the wardrobe.

Experts recommend to have glasses of metal and plastic frames, they are well complement to your image and periodically change it.

When choosing glasses for face type, keep in mind that there should be a harmony and balance in your look. This is the basic rule of beauty. This rule works when choosing the frames, because each of us - personality and it should be emphasized.

For an oval face shape will suit any frame, you only need to decide on the look, you are going to create. Round shapes emphasize the softness and smoothness of the face shape, square - will add rigor and "businesslike."

Owning a round face it is advisable to choose among oblong and square shape of frames, round shape is better not to use.

But the square face, on the contrary, requires a "rounding" to give it softness. It would be appropriate round or oval glasses. On the square glasses better not to stop your choice - otherwise they will give the image of coarseness, angularity.

However, do not strictly follow these rules, these are only guidelines, how to choose glasses. After all, there are exceptions to the rule.

Importantly, do not be afraid to experiment, trying on different images, and then you are sure to find the very one and only, which is suitable to your personality.